I am happy to share with you a new open-source troubleshooting utility: withdll. I created it inspired by one of the samples in the Detours library with the same name. Withdll is a small tool, written in C#, that can inject DLLs into newly started or already running Windows processes (both 32- and 64-bit). If you are wondering why you may want to load a DLL into a remote process, think of those two example scenarios: patching some code in a remote process memory or collecting a trace of function calls made by a remote process. For the latter scenario, I prepared a short guide in which I present how you may use Detours sample libraries to collect traces of Win API calls. The withdll source code is available in its GitHub repository.

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PS. If you need to interact with native libraries on Windows, I highly recommend checking the CsWin32 project. It helped me tremendously in generating the C# bindings for the Detours library. In case you are interested, I described the whole process in a post on my blog.