It has been a long time since the last update, but I have some news to share! 😊 I’ve been doing a lot of COM debugging with WinDbg and comon lately. Comon, as you maybe remember, is a WinDbg extension I wrote to simplify COM troubleshooting. The new release (2.1) includes bug fixes and new functionalities. The feature I am most happy about is the support for COM method parameters. Comon now extracts information about method parameters from COM metadata and can display their values on method calls (not all COM types are supported yet). Please check the COM troubleshooting tutorial to learn more.

There were also changes to the way how comon manages breakpoints. They are now public and visible in the user session. Their command field has a comment explaining a given breakpoint purpose, for example: * [comon] function breakpoint (name: RPCRT4!DllGetClassObject).

I also made some changes to the site. The tools documentation was moved to READMEs in their repositories, and I created a brand new Articles section for various troubleshooting tutorials. COM troubleshooting is the first one published, so check it out if you are interested in this subject.